July 9, 2019

Who are we without achieving our biggest ambitions? 

More importantly, do we become better humans the moment we accomplish result X? 
Billions of people are staking their self-worth on their aspirations for the future as if in one moment they will finally become worthy and fulfilled. But yesterday is irrelevant and tomorrow is just a concept.

Would you still do what you are doing right now if you knew you were pretty much guaranteed to fail? Do you love your craft or do you love all of the perks that come from a hypothetical success?

You see, NONE of us could have even imagined to be where we are right now. We still barely believe it! Freaking simulation… 

And we can assure you one thing: Javi would still be playing soccer, etc. Because we are obsessed with what we do. Accomplishment is just a bonus. Success becomes a preference, not a requirement.

So find what you love, push the limits, work like no one else and share your talents. And foremost, enjoy every second of it! Life, at the end of the day, happens from one present moment to the next.