July 6, 2019

"Reading 1 page and a 5-minute workout a day will d…” Not again! Here is more personal development wisdom in yet another episode description. “Can’t you just show us football?” 

Labels are dangerous. They exist for a reason though. The amount of mental effort it takes to understand and create a new category for someone is too high. So the majority just puts very unique humans into pre-defined boxes. That’s just lazy. He’s an athlete, she is a lawyer, he’s a speaker, etc. And we are then expected to comply with those categories others put us in.

The unfortunate thing is that even those categories are flawed, to begin with. We are often seen for our accomplishments like scoring goals and producing inspiring content, which is less than 5% of what we actually do.

So dare to invest your mental capacity into seeing people not as categories, but as individuals.

You’ll be surprised by how much more there is to all of us."