September 22, 2019

From Mexico to Chicago to New York. Travels, travels and more travels.Traveling is a way to let life surprise you. Discovering different places allows our minds to be open to new traditions, cultures, and ways of life that are way different from what we are used to, and that enriches us as humans.Each place has its own magic and inspires us in its own way. While travelling you are constantly exposed to moments full of inspiration in which an ideal environment for introspection is created. We constantly rediscover ourselves, value the things we have, and question our reality to get the most out of it.In this vlog we see how the nomadic life of this family of five fills us with special moments with which we reconnect with ourselves. Nico reflects on love and hate from the fans. Diego decides to get tattooed again in Mexico and talks about the importance of embracing your shadow and your light to be fully yourself. Javi and Sarah are enjoying Noah and already have 3 options for their new home in Seville. Diego and Nico travel to Chicago and New York, experience interesting moments and reconnect with important people from their past.Enjoy and subscribe! In the next vlog you’ll see more incredible moments and the reunion of us all in Sevilla.