September 14, 2019

Since we were kids we have been thought to see vulnerability as a weakness. We tend to suffer silently and hide what we truly feel. All for the dumb fear of other’s opinion, the idea of ​​being judged is so scary that we prefer not to show our reality. In this episode we show that there is immense beauty in letting the world see us being vulnerable. It is an act of courage and love for both ourselves and others, because in doing so we can function as a mirror and help those who are going through the same processes as us.Javi is physically tired but motivates not to stop fighting for our dreams, Nico spends quality time with his dad on the beach and invites Diego, who reflects on life and what is behind success, on his event called “Awakening”. Sarah opens her heart about postpartum depression and talks to new moms about the importance of having time for themselves.A vlog full of emotions. Enjoy it!