What We Believe

We believe that everyone in the world shall be free from the expectations and judgement of others. Untouched by what others think. Being shamelessly YOU.

We show up this way and hope to inspire others to enjoy their own authenticity, take off the hypocrite's masks to be accepted, laugh about the status quo, and dare to be honest with their inner voice. After all, the true happiness can only be experienced when we accept ourselves fully.




What we are trying to do?

We are not even certain. It's our first time living on this planet too, so we've decided to live for real. The only thing we want is to share ourselves as we are.

We internalized that we are going to die, so we might as well take our very best shot at living. Without any pretenses. Messing Up. Succeeding. Feeling all emotions whether sad or happy.

Our ambition and secret plan are....
Just being ourselves and embracing what happens!


Yes... It's a vlog. It is ordinary and raw, which is exactly why it goes beyond "standard".

We are simply humans improvising within our own reality

Live this simulation called life with us, and through us. After all, we are just ordinary humans choosing to live extraordinary lives.

The naked ones

Javi, aka “Javi”

"Embrace your light."

-Person before footballer.
- Competitive as hell (football, gaming, and soon he will be competing in a contest for the biggest heart in the world)
- Impatient to share his light
- Happiest pea which ever lived.

Sarah, aka “baby moon”

"If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it's lethal"

-  Person before model and lawyer.
- Rhino’s #1 fan
- The count on how many countries she visited is lost.
- If she is not laughing, she is breathing.

Diego Dreyfus, aka “Huracán”

"Question everything. Even this fucking page!"

-Person before “coach”. BTW he hate to be seen as that. (Not sure if he is human either)
-He is such a weird mixture; has an acting title (not that type of actor! but why not?) and also he have a physical engineering degree.

Niccolo de Zambiasi, aka "Nico"

"Be authentic, be a dreamer, be loving, sometimes be stubborn and a little crazy."

-Person before photographer.
-His gift is immortalizing moments of this simulation called life 👾
-Born in Italy, based in Tulum, usually somewhere else
-He change his hair style more often that his underwear.

different souls, sharing one simulation?

- We live together
- We show up in this world as authentically as possible.
- We are crazy enough to participate in this experiment!

We met each other on our journeys to improve our life and profession!
We are all curious to see what lies ahead.